Alan Stokes surfs the Maldives with Surfatoll

Surfatoll had the chance to welcome Alan Stokes (UK Pro Surf tour Champion) and the Animal team during a 10 days boat trip in the Maldives. We seize that opportunity to ask him a few questions about him and the Maldives…

Were are you coming from?
I live in Newquay Cornwall Uk

Which are your sponsors?
Animal, Fourth Surfboards, Typhoon Wetsuits, Holysport, FCS, Mercedes and Vito Sport

How did you like the Maldives?
I love the Maldives great waves beautiful islands and warm water whats not to love.

Is it different from the waves your ride at home?
Yes we really only have beach breaks in Cornwall so surfing coral reef is a lot different im used to racing into end section and trying airs that could be a bad move on a coral reef but its nice to surf such perfect machine like waves.

How was it to be on a boat rather than on a land option?
Well on this trip we did both and both have there positives on land we got to meet local people and learn about the culture but boats are cool and i love that feeling of escaping the land.

Which spot did you like the most?
Cokes was a standout wave for me we had it pretty good and there were some nice tubes!

What was the highlight of the trip?
surfing cokes and seeing dolphins playing in the surf.

Were you happy with the organization of Surfatoll?
Yes great trip well organised for are motley crew we had a blast.

Do you plan to come back?
For sure sooner the better cant wait

Here is a video of him surfing the Maldives…

Maldives location