Win a Firewire Surfboard Designed by Rob Machado

Now is the time to combine your love of surfing, winning, and the Maldives with this contest!

Surfatoll has teamed up with Firewire Surfboards to give one lucky winner the prize of a brand new Firewire Everyday Almond Butter Surfboard designed by Rob Machado. See below for contest rules and learn about your chance to win this amazing surfboard. To enter the contest, you must submit your best surf picture taken in the Maldives. The photo must include a wave, but can be with or without a surfer. We will review the submitted photos and determine if you will be the proud new owner of the Firewire surfboard. It is time to go out and enjoy the surf in the Maldives for your chance to win! Use those gorgeous images you capture and win an amazing board to show off the next time you are enjoying the surf. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! The Everyday Almond Butter Surfboard is ideal for surfers of all skill levels and adaptable enough to be used in waters with low waves all the way to tremendous surf. This board was designed by pro surfer Rob Machado and contains his unique style throughout. For more detailed information on this board, visit Firewire Surfboards to view the Everyday Almond Butter Surfboard.
Firewire Everyday Almond Butter Surfboard

Firewire Everyday Almond Butter Surfboard

Official contest rules:

  • Send all entries to or through the form on this page
  • Submissions should be an HD image of a wave (with or without surfer) taken in the Maldives
  • Pictures must be taken by the submitter (only one submission by contestant)
  • All pictures will be posted on Facebook, and the community can “like” to help decide the winner
  • Submission deadline is August 31, 2018
  • The winner will be selected on September 30, 2018, and will receive their prize in the mail during November 2018
  • By submitting your photo, you agree to give Surfatoll permission to use or republish it in any format