Planning Your Maldives Surf Charter – What airlines are the best?

A surf vacation in the Maldives Islands provides you with a bit of relaxation, a taste of adventure and a glimpse of paradise you are sure to never forget. An important part of planning your surfing adventure in the Maldives is booking your international flight to the islands. While flights are not typically included in your Surfatoll vacation package, there are several options that can help you to get to the islands and save money in the process.

Before visiting the Maldives, make sure your passport is current. While this country does offer an immediate 30-day visa to tourists entering the country, they are strict on the passport requirement. There are no vaccination requirements when entering the country, but some items, like alcohol, are prohibited. More info can be found under our FAQs:

Three airlines that are among the preferred choices of surfers visiting the Maldives include Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines. All three allow surfers to check their boards without additional surcharges or fees. This amounts to a substantial savings versus other airlines that might charge up to one hundred USD for each surfboard checked.

Cost for surfboardsSource
ScreenHunter_06 Mar. 06 13.55free of charge if
within the free allowance (30kg)

view policy
ScreenHunter_07 Mar. 06 13.57free of charge if
less than 3 meters

view policy
ScreenHunter_05 Mar. 06 13.53free of charge if
less than 3 meters, up to 3 boards

view policy
Etihadetihad surffree of charge if
less than 3 meters

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When making your travel arrangements, try to book your flight to the Maldives early and compare prices among the three airlines. Using one of the popular Internet travel sites is a great way to compare what each airline has to offer and watch prices until you find a deal.

Flights from the United States to the Maldives can cost upwards of 2000 USD per person for economy class, but deals can be found especially out of major cities like New York and Chicago. By planning in advance, many surfers have been able to find flights for 1500 USD or less with the months of March to October offering the deepest discounts. Flights from major airports in Europe including Berlin and Frankfurt often cost significantly less. Keep in mind that the best deals may require you to leave home late in the evening or early in the morning and stop in Dubai before reaching your final destination.

Male International Airport (MLE) is the only major airport in the Maldives. When you book your trip, this will be your final destination and then all what you have to do is to secure your spot on the boat. You can do it directly from online: either a solo classic cruise (in the North Male area) or a solo adventure cruise (in the remote atolls). On the day of the arrival, you will meet a member of your Surfatoll charter boat crew. Our friendly staff will then safely transport you from the airport to your boat. Once aboard your charter boat, all that is left for you to do is check out the waves and enjoy your vacation!