Shared Charters

Shared Charters

Choosing a shared charter allows an individual or a small group to surf the Maldives on a boat. It offers scheduled cruises with restricted dates. The benefit is that you’re given the opportunity to explore and surf the Central and Southern atolls, not just the Northern atolls. For this, after your arrival at Male international airport (MLE), you need to add a domestic flight to the central or southern atolls. The domestic flight is at 5 PM on the first day from Male; it is scheduled to arrive in Male at approx. 6 PM on the last day. Note that you can easily find a room in Male for a reasonable price (around 100 USD) if you need to arrive earlier than the scheduled departure date. All cruises are guaranteed by Surfatoll.

Frequently Asked Questions about shared charters

  • How is a typical day on board?

    Start your day by waking up just a few meters away from the line up. The boat will be anchored where the conditions are optimal. After the first session of the morning, a huge breakfast will be served by the crew. You can then chill in the shade and check how the surf is going. Whenever you want, you can ask the crew to bring you by dingy to the lineup for another session. If you feel surfed out, you have the opportunity to explore the surrounding islands, snorkel with the local manta rays or catch a big fish for dinner. After your last session at sunset, fresh beers and music will help you to recover from your emotions of the day. The dinner is served around 7.30 PM, after it you can watch surf movies or read a bit but not too late as you have to rest for the next day!

  • What can I do when I am not surfing?

    There are lots of options like snorkeling, diving, playing cards, board games, reading, watching movies, stretching and yoga, fishing, relaxing and more. The crew is at your disposal to bring you to the local islands but priority will be given to the surfers.

  • Do you have fishing rods on the boat?

    Yes, we have basic fishing equipment on board (the locals fish with hook and wire) . If you want to do something sophisticated, it is good to bring your own material.

  • Is it possible to organize a dive session?

    Yes, we can arrange it. Please let us know in advance and bring your diving certificate. If you are alone, we will organize it from a resort; alternatively if you are a group, we can organize it directly from the boat: a dhoni (local boat) will come with the all necessary equipment.

  • Can I recharge my video camera or any electronic device on the boat?

    Yes, the boats have 220kws plugs and universal plug adaptor.

  • Does the boat shake during the night?

    Usually the boat will anchor in the lagoon for the night; this will guarantee a good night’s sleep.

  • Are the drinks included?

    One bottle of water per person per day is usually included in the price. Coffee and tea are free. Soft drinks and beers can be bought at reasonable prices; the invoice must be settled in 
cash (USD) at the end of the trip.

  • What is the food like?

    We know that the food is important during a surf trip so we always make sure it is good, healthy and that there is enough. You will find all kind of varieties of fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, pastas, deserts and more. The seafood is always as fresh as it gets.

  • Is there any phone network & Internet connection on board?

    Yes, there are some islands that offer Internet wireless so you can use Skype or any other virtual communication directly from the boat. You can buy wifi cards directly from the resorts or even better directly at the airport upon arrival at the local operator counter. Also, the local network is well covered so you will be able to use your cell phone onboard.

  • Where does the trip end?

    The last day of the trip, you will be brought to the airport 3 hours before the flight. If your flight is at night, you will be dropped at the airport late afternoon as we cannot navigate during the night. On demand, you can decide to visit the capital of Male the last day of your trip; it’s only 15 minutes away from the airport by dhoni.